Feeding Guidlines

Feeding Guidelines

  • All Olympic Horse Feeds Mix should be given together with plenty of good quality roughage
  • Ensure horses and ponies always have access to fresh water
  • Do not exercise a horse or pony within 1 hour of feeding
  • Never use out of date, mouldy or dusty feed
  • Feed according to the bodyweight of the horse / pony. Be prepared to adjust quantities depending on the response
  • Weigh the feed so you are aware of the exact quantity you are feeding
  • Make any changes to the diet gradually
  • Feed the horse / pony at a regular time each day
  • Feed according to the work done. Do not feed in the anticipation of work the horse / pony

Olympic Horse Feeds – Feeding Guidelines

Each bag of feed contains nutrients which provide a digestible, balanced, highly nutritional and cost effective diet which will support horse health and vitality. Some horses consume between 1.5% and 2.5% of their bodyweight per day according to their workload and condition. This weight should be divided between forage and hard feed.