Olympic Race Mix

Olympic Race Mix

A complimentary supplement for horses

Purpose (indications for use)

Olympic Race Mix is designed for horses that are in hard work and particularly for horses in sprint races, when it should be given together with good quality roughage and/or chaff. No substances that contravene the Rules of Racing or of Competition are included in the formula.

The naked oats and the cooked/micronized cereal and protein sources and soya oil present ensure high digestibility in the small intestine and the alfalfa provides trace nutrients of special value. It is recommended that horses in training given large daily allowances of cereals and Olympic Race Mix are also given Olympic Gastric Care ‘n’ Protection Supplement to ensure best performance.

Directions for use
This feed provides all the micro and major nutrients necessary for the health of horses. Its moderate protein content of excellent biological value ensure that a burden of excess waste nitrogen is avoided during racing. However, during early training when the build-up of skeletal muscles is necessary trainers are recommended to provide Olympic Condition Mix. This may be replaced by Olympic Race Mix when races are in the programme. It’s high and readily available energy content suits its use for sprint races, although it may be used in varying proportions with lower energy Olympic No.1 Mix when working horses are given lighter exercise and where work output varies from day to day.