Olympic Competition Mix

Olympic Competition Mix is designed for horses that are in work and particularly for horses where control is essential. No substances that contravene the Rules of Racing or of Competition are included in the formula. It provided all the micro and major- nutrients necessary for the health of horses.

The moderate protein content and excellent biological value ensures that a burden of excess waste nitrogen is avoided during competition. During early training if a build-up of skeletal muscles is necessary Olympic Competition Mix is recommended. Its’ high content soluble fibres enables its energy sources to become available over long time periods.

It may be used in varying proportions with lower energy Olympic No. 1 Mix when working horses are given lighter exercise or with flighty horses and where work output varies from day to day. The cooked / micronizes cereal and protein sources and soya oil present ensure their starch, oil and protein digestibility in the small intestine and the alfalfa provides trace nutrients of special value.

Olympic Condition Mix

Olympic Condition Mix is designed for building up horses in poor condition and improving the muscling of horses in training. The high protein content combined with an excellent biological value makes it ideally suited as a feed for improving muscle strength and benefits horses that are convalescing following injury or for horses during recovery from infections.

Olympic Condition Mix provides all the necessary micro and major nutrients for the health of horses. The cooked / micronized cereal and protein sources and soya oil present ensure high digestibility in the small intestine.

Olympic Condition Mix is also ideally suited to older horses requiring weigh gain or maintaining condition. Potential causes of poor condition include worm burden, stress, poor grazing, teeth problems or illness.