Allergy Care ‘n’ Protect

Allergy Care ‘n’ Protect

A complimentary supplement for horses

Purpose (indications for use)
A supplement for horses and ponies who are subject to feed allergies, frequently presenting with inflamed raised lumps or bumps, on the shoulders, muzzle or quarters. Occasionally the reaction occurs in the lungs (not to be confused with aerial dust allergy) and the horse is generally in poorer condition than it should be.

These horses are often responding to allergens, normally proteins or protein breakdown product, found in concentrate proteins (soya etc) and in gaminaceous cereals.

In order to avoid this condition Allergy Care ‘n’ Protect should be given with cooked rice, as rice is rarely a source of allergens. Where this is inconvenient give the supplement with one cereal such as flaked barley or rolled oats and roughage.

Benefits & features
Allergy Care ‘n’ Protect provides the important dietary essential amino acid, fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins , minerals and trace elements necessary for normal function of horses and ponies given a simple diet in which the objective is to exclude the allergen. The amino acid mixture will not initiate an allergic reaction, but it provides the important limiting amino acids and trace nutrients specifically for horses given a single cereal with roughage.

Directions for use
Give adult horses ½ to ¾ of a scoop (25-35g) of Allergy Care ‘n’ Protect with each of the 2 daily meals.

Give small ponies weighing 150kg to 250kg 1 scoop (50g) daily of Allergy Care ‘n’ Protect. It is always preferable to split the daily allowance between 2 feeds where possible.

Give yearlings 1 scoop (50g) of Allergy Care ‘n’ Protect with the morning cooked cereal feed and 1 scoop (50g) with the evening feed. Ideally the supplement should not be given without a feed energy source.

In many cases the horse may revert to a normal diet after 4 – 6 months. Contact Olympic Horse Feeds for advice.

Storage of product
Always store Allergy Care ‘n’ Protect Supplement with the lid sealed or the mouth of the bag closed raised off the floor and out of direct sunlight in a cool dry store room, free from fluctuating temperatures and rodent, bird and insect infestation.