Gastric Care ‘n’ Protection

Gastric Care ‘n’ Protection

A complimentary supplement for horses

Purpose (indications for use)
A supplement for horses entering the stress of training and hard work when increasing amounts of cereals and cereal products are given. Also for horses that have lost appetite and condition for work. For horses under the stress of long term stabling or frequent travelling and for all those which are known to be a risk of developing gastric erosion and ulceration, gastro-intestinal coli and inflammatory problems, such as lymphangitis, when receiving large allowances of cereals. The supplement contains a probiotic. For foals showing loss of appetite and condition, but for which worm parasite control has already been fully addressed.

Benefits & features
Gastric Care ‘n’ Protection protects the stomach’s health in horses receiving feeds to meet the high energy demands of strenuous exercise. It aids fat and carbohydrate digestion in the small and large intestines, helping to regulate the bacterial flora of the large intestine, so stimulating high performance. In summary it aids the health of the gastro-intestinal tract leading to improved appetite and performance. It is a necessary supplement for horses given large amounts of concentrated feed. The supplement should be introduced as concentrated feed in introduced and increased in quantity up to the recommended intake rate as the intake of that concentrate is increased.

Directions for use
As the allowance of cereals and other hard feed is gradually increased during training Gastric Care ‘n’ Protection should be introduced, starting with 1 scoop (50g) daily mixed in the morning feed and gradually building up to 3 scoops (150g) daily divided amongst morning, afternoon and evening feeds.

Horses in training given large amounts of cereal and other hard feeds should receive their daily allowance of feed in at least 3 to 4 meals daily. In the case of adult horses known to be at particular risk give up to 4 scoops (200g) of Gastric Care ‘n’ Protection daily. Always spread the daily allowance of the supplement amongst all the daily meals.

When a horse reverts to rest or to an idle period, or is put out to pasture the Gastric Care ‘n’ Protection may be withdrawn from use. For foals give 1 scoop (50g) daily of Gastric Care ‘n’ Protection divided between the morning and evening feeds, or mixed into whichever meal of hard feed is the larger daily feed.

Storage of product

Always store Gastric Care ‘n’ Protection Supplement with the lid sealed or the mouth of the bag closed raised off the floor and out of direct sunlight in a cool dry store room, free from fluctuating temperatures and rodent, bird and insect infestation.