Healthy Hoof ‘n’ Sole

Healthy Hoof ‘n’ Sole

A complimentary supplement for horses

Purpose (indications for use)

A supplement to reduce the risk of unsightly hoof horn and help to develop strong and resilient hooves. Many horses show signs of weak misshapen, cracked and crumbly hoof horn respond to this supplement which produces stronger and harder horn with greater tensile strength.

The horn grows from the coronary band at the rate of 8- 10mm/month and so a year of supplementation may be required to completely correct the abnormality, even though the supplement will accelerate the previous growth rate of the horn. Once the horn is healthy the dose rate may be decreased to a maintenance level in horses prone to the condition.

Benefits & features

Healthy Hoof ‘n’ Sole stimulates the growth of the hoof horn from the coronary band by providing all the nutrients known to be limiting for that function. These nutrients include biotin at a level sufficient for maximum growth plus zinc, biologically available sulphur in the form of DL-methionine and mthyl sulphonyl methane together with an active calcium-containing base material.

Horses with crumbly hooves will normally respond with the production of healthy horn and strong soles when given Healthy Hoof ‘n’ Sole. It will also aid the strength of hooves in horses that are not shod.

Directions for use
Horses showing sign of crumbly hoof should be given 2 scoops (100g) of Healthy Hoof ‘n’ Sole daily. This should be divided into 1 scoop (50g) mixed in the morning feed and 1 scoop (50g) in the evening feed. This supplementation should continue until healthy horn growth reaches the toe. This may require 9 – 12 months.

In horses whose hoof horn has been corrected and which are prone to develop the condition should be given a maintenance allowance of ½ a scoop daily mixed into either the morning or evening feeds or divided between the two meals.

Storage of product

Always store Healthy Hoof ‘n’ Sole Supplement with the lid sealed or the mouth of the bag closed raised off the floor and out of direct sunlight in a cool dry store room, free from fluctuating temperatures and rodent, bird and insect infestation.