Healthy Joints ‘n’ Bones

Healthy Joints ‘n’ Bones

A complimentary supplement for horses

Purpose (indications for use)
A supplement for horses entering the stress of training and hard work when increasing amounts of cereals and cereal products are given and repeated work on hard surfaces is undertaken. In these situations the stress on joints and leg bones is considerable and this supplement is recommended for use. Also for all horses that are known to be at risk of developing lameness during training or other work. The supplement contains metabolites and trace elements essential for healthy cartilage growth, replacement and maturation and calcium for bone strength.

Benefits & features
Healthy Joints ‘n’ Bones aids bone strength and protects joints by stimulating their repair during the stress of strenuous exercise, so reducing the risk of lameness and promoting high performance. Thus, the supplement helps reduce the effects of bone strain and joint wear in horses that are subjected to hard exercise and it aids normal growth of long bones in foals, reducing the risk of bone growth abnormalities.

Directions for use
To be given daily by adding to the feed where stress is occurring at the rate of 2 scoops per day (100g) 1 mixed in each of 2 feeds. A maintenance dose of 1 scoop (50g) daily mixed in feed will help to maintain joints from wear in working horses or in healthy foals that are growing rapidly.

Storage of product
Always store Healthy Joints ‘n’ Bones Supplement with the lid sealed or the mouth of the bag closed raised off the floor and out of direct sunlight in a cool dry store room, free from fluctuating temperatures and rodent, bird and insect infestation.