IQ ‘n’ Performance – Race

IQ ‘n’ Performance – Race

A complimentary supplement for horses

Purpose (indications for use)

A supplement for sprint race horses to encourage spirited energetic and intelligent performance.

Benefits & features

Olympic IQ ‘n’ Performance – Race is a product free from any constituent that may contravene the Rules of Racing and is complimentary to the use of Olympic Gastric Care ‘n’ Protection and Olympic Joint ‘n’ Bone supplements.

Directions for use
Olympic IQ ‘n’ Performance – Race is to be given at the rate of 100g per horse, 3 hours before hard work, and at the same rate 3 hours before a race. For this purpose it is should be mixed with a small quantity (200-300g) of feed and in conjunction with a programme of high quality, high protein, Olympic Race Mix.

Storage of product

Always store Olympic IQ ‘n’ Performance – Race Supplement with the lid sealed or the mouth of the bag closed and raised off the floor and out of direct sunlight in a cool dry store room, free from fluctuating temperatures and rodent, bird and insect infestation.